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Choosing the Right Pet Food

Pets have been our closest companions since time immemorial so it is only natural that we will want to give them the best food available. However unlike humans, our pets such as dogs and cats have specific dietary requirements. You will need food that is specifically designed to suit their special evolutionary adaptations. Pets should also be provided with freshest and tastiest ingredients prepared from the best kitchens. It seems hard to find these important qualities in your average pet food. Fortunately, the acana dog food and cat food products can fulfil these requirements and offer a lot more.

Extra information about acana dog food

Biologically Appropriate Food

Science tells us that both cats and dogs have evolved as meat eating hunters. We can see the evidence in their teeth and their digestive organs. As such they have specialized digestive systems that are suited to their carnivorous diets. Acana's products have carefully studied these animals' needs and created "Biologically Appropriate" food. These innovative foods have the high-protein yet low-carbohydrate combination that is just right for your pets. Only the freshest poultry, meat and fish products are used in these products so your cat or dog will have a nourishing and preservative free treat. Acana also add the right amount of vegetables and fruits which can mimic the requirements needed by your pet's ancestors. These greens can also aid digestion and scrub toxins out of your pet's body and help increase their liver's strength. We may want to give our beloved pets some meat-free food or even share some of the food that we eat but these items would only hurt their digestive systems and worsen their health.

The Freshest Ingredients

The average pet product does not use fresh ingredients. Manufacturers would prioritize the price of their ingredients first before your pet's health. As such, they will usually use dried products or powdered ones which are not suited for your pet's needs. These ingredients are less expensive than fresh ones and much easier to transport and resistant to spoilage. These products will also incorporate an imbalanced proportion of vegetables and fruits which makes the mixture much cheaper. However, such preparations are not adapted to a cat's or dog's digestive systems. Acana do not use these ineffectively prepared ingredients but only use meat products that are raised within their area instead. As such, these products are delivered to them in freshest condition possible.

The Best Cooking Preparations

Their advanced products will also only use steam cooking to lock in the meats natural juices and nutrients for your pets to enjoy. They use a slow cooking process at lower temperatures which help kill harmful microorganisms yet preserve the vitamins contained in these products. As we have learned earlier, more common pet products use powdery or dried components such as grains or potato which are not appetizing to any pet. As such they instead add enormous amounts of water to persuade animals to eat them. However, such process may damage the nutrients found in these products.